Pre-printed die-cut labels for CLP / GHS Labelling

The new pre-printed die-cut labels for CLP / GHS (Classification Labelling and Packaging / Global Harmonized System) hazardous substances labelling are now available.

These labels are for use with the Markware Facility Identification Software v3.7.6 and the MiniMark Industrial Label Printer.

They are supplied with pre-printed red diamonds (colour reference PMS Warm Red), ready for you to print the required warning, compliant to the latest regulations.

Die-cut labels for CLP-GHS are available in 2 materials:
* B-7594 thermal transfer printable glossy white polypropylene (recommended ribbon: R-6000 resin)
* B-7610 thermal transfer printable white paper label stock (recommended ribbon: R-7950 wax/resin)

* The current HSID symbols will gradually be replaced by the GHS symbols.
* The new Markware™ Facility Identification Software v3.7.6 now includes a wizard for creating CLP-GHS labels.
* 3 “Europe GHS” categories have been added to the Hazardous Materials category: “PIC”, “Diamond” and “Square”
* The layouts of preprinted die-cut labels are automatically linked to the “PIC” category

CLP - GHS labels