BMP21-LAB Label printer – PROMO!

Whether you’re labeling cryo tubes, tissue cassettes, slides, flasks, you name it, the BMP21-LAB label printer has you covered!

Gentaur brady1These applications can be   handled with a wide and   reliable material selection giving you the flexibility to label just about anything you need in the lab environment. They have even been tested in harsh environments like autoclaves and liquid nitrogen.

Additionally, the BMP®21-LAB accessories will keep you printing longer and more effectively with AC adapters, Li-Ion batteries, printer stands and more.

The BMP21-LAB handheld label printer combines a durable exterior with intuitive printing capabilities.

Engineered Long Lasting Material Quality

• Labels designed to stick and stay stuck in autoclaves, liquid nitrogen, freezers, hot baths and are unaffected by common lab chemicals
• Prints durable true-sized .25 – .75 inch wide identification to maximize amount of data
• Adjustable length  labels using high performance continuous materials

Easy to use

• Vial label shortcut key automatically cuts labels to fit to vial and tube sizes
• Greek symbols and time and date stamps for enhanced sample tracking
• Built-in serialization and bar code symbologies provide more information in a smaller footprint
• ABC keypad, graphics library, label setup keys and menu functions for fast label creation
• Smart Cell technology for automatic label set up and automatic formatting
• Multi-functional accessory with magnet, flashlight and retractable printer stand for easy handling

Durable and Ergonomic

• Drop tested printer, super rugged with molded rubber bumpers provides protection from falls.
• Center balanced printer with grab and go ridges grip for easy handling
• Cutter and label grabber, holding the label after cutting, preventing it from falling out

Two year warranty included free with every purchase
Gentaur brady2



• Flasks
• Petri Dishes
• Bottles
• Slides
• Tubes
• Vials
• Bags
• Well Plates
• Straws
• Labeling in Autoclaves
• Labeling in Freezers
• Labeling in Liquid Nitrogen
• Labeling in Hot Bath Wash

General Labeling

• Indoor and outdoor  facility labeling

• Storage bin labeling

• Instructional and warning labels
• Visual equipment identification
• Cabinets
• Drawers
• Storage
• Bins
• Asset ID
• Storerooms and shelf labeling
• Any smooth, flat, curved,   textured, or highly textured surfaces

Blister pack:Gentaur brady

• BMP21-LAB printer
• M21-750-7425  polypropylene
• Lanyard
• Quick Start Guide

FREE Label Cartridge Included

Price:  79 €

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